Private sessions are a relationship. You have to like me and I have to like you. No way around it. I see some of my clients six or seven times a week and with four or five weeks in a month.... well, we spend a lot of time together! Some of my clients I see in studio and some I “see” online and others are a combo of online and in-studio. Connection and desire is all it takes!

Most new clients are referred by current clients and a few people find me through a Google search.  So, I've asked some of my clients a few questions that may help you decide to touch base and see what Pilates and functional fitness can do for you!

Combining pilates, functional fitness and mobility can transform your life at any age. Client Jim S shares his experience working with instructor and trainer Andrea Kane

Client Gina Matheson….

After injuring my neck, consuming large amounts of ibuprofen, and receiving physical therapy for several weeks, I was given permission to resume exercise and I decided to work with Andrea on a rehabilitation program that would be helpful in rebuilding my neck muscles, strengthening my core, and improving my flexibility. I loved working with Andrea previously in 2014, when she helped me prepare for my wedding (and my very form-fitting wedding dress) and I knew that she would take a holistic view and ensure that I didn’t re-injure my neck—which was my major fear.

I attended sessions twice a week initially and have now dropped it back to one a week, as I am doing aerobic exercises on other days, as well as walking our dogs and riding my bike whenever I can.  Andrea slowly eased me back into a structured routine with a focus on strengthening my neck to prevent another injury.  But don’t get the wrong idea from my use of the word ‘eased’—Andrea is one tough cookie and she pushed me hard within safe boundaries and that’s what I really like about her.

Andrea is a very funny, caring, and dedicated professional who really looks after her clients and prescribes a balanced, safe, and effective exercise regime.  Rehabilitation following an injury can be frustrating and time-consuming but Andrea makes it easy with her light-hearted but strict approach and her amazing laugh.   And she is a great listener and therapist for the mind, as well as the body.  I highly recommend Andrea as a consummate, caring professional. 

Client Rodney Lowell….. 65 years old

Andrea is a fantastic Pilates trainer.  I  have been having  a  weekly class with Andrea since August 2018.   She is absolutely excellent!  Extremely knowledgable about Pilates, but also about the body and its complexities. 

I have very serious back, spin and hip issue that makes me wary and protective; never have I had this level of trust in an instructor. Specifically, spine - November 2018 pinched L5, - did not walk for 1 month.  Could not walk, bike or swim.  Over time,  my body fused my lower lumbar and sacrum, moving up the spine, arthritis, and neck issues.  Shoulder - separated years ago.  Hip issue etc.  You get the point.

Now, I am gaining spinal flexibility and core strength.

Client Fiona Kingsmore…. 54 years old

I've never liked exercise. At age 54, however, I was starting to feel that I really needed to get fit. I don't like gyms or group exercises. My daughter and sister had both recommended pilates. I decided to give it a try. I really liked how Andrea worked with me. Fast forward two years. Andrea has given me confidence in my weekly pilates. I now have a very strong core. I can even do push-ups. And she's still pushing me. FK

Client Cheri Wilson…. 49 years old

I love exercising. I am a former Div 1 athlete. I do some form of exercise every day. I have been training with Andrea for over three years. She has an exuberant personality and this carries over into her workouts. Each session, whether it is Pilates or personal training, is specifically geared towards your needs and your abilities.

When I first started training with Andrea I thought everything had to be “all out” to be considered exercise. During this time my back hurt, my knees hurt and I had hip pain. The greatest gain I have made during my three years working with Andrea is that I am no longer in pain. Nothing hurts. When she trains you she focuses on strengthening and improving your body. She focuses on form and what your body can do.

Andrea has such a positive body image. Her confidence is contagious. Because of her...I am in better shape. I am stronger. I am more flexible. I am healthier. I am more confident. 

Client Sherry Ritchey… older than 40

Andrea not only tunes my body with fun challenging pilates, but my spirit is lifted and my funny bone is thoroughly tickled! I can't believe I can have such a great time shaping up my "backyard"! Andrea is an inspiration and a wealth of knowledge about living a healthier life. I can't recommend her highly enough! 

Client Cheryl Londen… older than 40

I have done several different types of workouts over the years, and I feel, as far as core strength, there is not one (workout) that targets that area as well as pilates. It is extremely easy to get into bad habits and poor posture when you are in a group class.  Andrea's eyes miss nothing, and I feel stronger and my posture improves each and every time that I leave the studio. Andrea truly cares for each and every one of her students.

“ Andrea, you are truly an amazing person, and you are one of the finest instructors that I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.”

Client Raquel Barbey…. older than 40

I had tried a group reformer class prior in Phoenix, and one on one with Andrea is No Comparison!  Andrea really knows her practice and adjusts the move to what is most beneficial for your body.

I refer everyone I meet to Andrea... She is passionate about her teaching and that shows in her instruction.  She works you hard and pushes you to your personal limit, whatever that may be on that particular day.

Upon moving to Coronado (in the summer of 2016), I found Andrea and her Pilates studio.  Having only practiced Pilates a few different times before, I wasn't sure what to expect.  Andrea quickly learned my body, my limitations and my potential and she spent the summer transforming me!  I was blessed to see her six days a week and the gift she gave me is priceless!  

She taught me how to be aware of my body, how to move my spine and use my core. She taught me how to accept my body each and every day.  Not only did she help to transform me physically but mentally as well.  And the bonus, I now have a butt! Lol!  Plus she is just an overall great person to be around!  (A definite plus when you're working with a trainer).

(We’re now here every six months and) every time I'm back in town, I make sure I'm on her schedule!