1. Why did you decide to start a Pilates practice instead of some other modality?

We just purchased a summer home here and Coronado didn't offer the Pure Barre classes, so I tried Pilates 

2. Had you tried group classes before? What do you believe you get specifically from a 1 on 1 practice instead of a group setting?

I had tried a group reformer class prior in Phoenix, and one on one with Andrea is No Comparison!  Andrea really knows her practice and adjusts the move to what is most beneficial for your body.

3. Would you refer someone you know to me, and if so, why?

I refer everyone I meet to Andrea... She is passionate about her teaching and that shows in her instruction.  She works you hard and pushes you to your personal limit, whatever that may be on that particular day.

4. Any other comments/suggestions you might offer.

Upon moving to Coronado in June for the summer, I found Andrea and her Pilates studio.  Having only practiced Pilates a few different times before, I wasn't sure what to expect.  Andrea quickly learned my body, my limitations and my potential and she spent the summer transforming me!  I was blessed to see her six days a week and the gift she gave me is priceless!  She taught me how to be aware of my body, how to move my spine and use my core. She taught me how to accept my body each and every day.  Not only did she help to transform me physically but mentally as well.  And the bonus, I now have a butt! Lol!  Plus she is just an overall great person to be around!  (A definite plus when you're working with a trainer).

Every time I'm back in town, I make sure I'm on her schedule! 

Raquel Barbey