Coronado Pilates and Functional Fitness is the only studio in Coronado that exclusively offers one on training in Pilates and strength training. In addition, the studio offers so much more that complements the athlete:  stability & mobility services, stretching and bodywork. The other unique aspect about the studio is offering sessions at 30 and 60 minute intervals, allowing a complete challenging workout to fit into anyone's schedule and budget!

First and foremost, this studio is not for clients whose main focus is weight loss.  Andrea works with clients who want to get fit, healthy, strong and maintain that lifestyle for a lifetime. Working with a trainer is a lifestyle shift and is a relationship of trust and respect. Before making the commitment, a few sessions are best to make sure you like working with Andrea and that she likes working with you. Like any relationship, the parties must get on to make it a success. Learn more about Andrea's story here.

Now, let's clarify how Pilates and functional fitness can help you achieve your goals.

  • What is Pilates? What is Functional Fitness

The controlled movements and exercises that Joseph Pilates created as "contrology" were designed to improve flexibility, build strength and endurance for the entire body. With the emphasis on breath, alignment, balance and coordination, Pilates develops a strong core and body. The movements can be modified to accommodate a beginner and challenge any seasoned athlete. Your size, height and build have no relevance as to whether you can perform the exercises. While dancers are the most "famous" of Pilates enthusiasts, students come in all shapes and sizes.

Functional fitness are movements and exercises that allow you to live a fully functional life. Squats, stability and mobility exercises, lifting weights 10 pounds and more and increasing intensity all lead to building muscle and protecting the joint function. We've all seen older people who need assistance in getting up from the bed, the toilet, etc. That up and down movement can be with minimal pain and discomfort once you add strength training to your regimen. Weights don't need to be heavy; the work just needs to be varied and consistent.

  • Is 30 minutes enough to effectively work my body and don't you just do the same movements over and over?

The combo question and really one of the most asked. Let me break it down for you. People are busy! Trying to fit in 2-3 hours of a "workout" can be difficult for many professionals. Thirty minutes of effective, targeted movements twice a week (minimum recommended) is certainly more effective than a half-hearted trudge on the elliptical or treadmill.  Pilates offers more than 500 movements and although some of you may have experienced studios that offer the same workout with a a few changes per day, that is NOT an option here at Coronado Pilates & Functional Fitness. As my clients become stronger, I add in more functional movement work, which includes interval training and weights. This makes your training more dynamic and you'll soon discover strength and muscles you didn't realize you had! 

The next step to deciding whether Coronado Pilates and Functional Fitness is for you, is to call 619.522.0026 or contact via the form below and schedule a 30 or 60-minute session.

Owner and instructor Andrea Kane works with men and women, offers individual sessions in -studio or at your home/office and specializes in working with clients who have chronic pain or physical conditions, are post-surgery and need rehabilitation and athletic conditioning.

The studio is incense and perfume free. If you have scent issues, please advise when booking your session.

Appointments are available six days a week. Depending on availability, appointments can be scheduled 5am to 5pm. Sunday appointments are by request and availability and can be arranged with prior notice. Sunday rates begin at $125 for 60 minute sessions; no 30 minue sessions available for Sunday requests.