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A video testimonial from one of my clients who first started Pilates in August 2016.
Interval set tabata squats

High tension legwork with pilates circle on reformer

To best showcase what clients can achieve when they stick to a regimen when working with me, I decided this video of client Jim Scanlon does it best. He began with me late July, early August 2016, complaining of right knee pain and it was affecting his movement, ability to surf and overall well-being. He wasn't at the weight he wanted, but his main goal was to relieve the knee pain so his surf game could get back to normal.

At the time of the first video in December 2016, Jim came four days a week and we worked on his stability and range of movement with pilates only. Stiff spine, stiff neck and limited range of motion in his neck and body meant we had a lot of work to do. James stayed with it and with me and put in 110% every time. A few weeks after this video, I decided to add functional fitness to his routine and he fell in love. At that time, he had never had a traditional work-out routine, had never worked out with a trainer, had never used weights and some of his acquaintances advised me that he probably wouldn't last, as his tendency is to go all in, then fall off within a few weeks. 

The second and third videos are from September and December 2017. He is standing straighter, the knee pain is long gone, the range of motion in his neck is noticeable and increasing, he's stronger, leaner and has lost more than 30 pounds (and maintaining). 

He makes my soul happy because he is open to, and desirous of, change and realizes he must put in the work to see the results. I've been able to combine the awesome benefits of both pilates and functional fitness to have a client who is going well past his original goals and is now so proud of what his body and mind has achieved.


Andrea Kane

I'm a comprehensively trained STOTT Pilates instructor, massage therapist, certified yoga instructor and functional fitness trainer. With more than 25 years of experience working with and on bodies, I have finally found my passionate niche. Working one on one with clients and helping them achieve their health and fitness goals is akin to how I felt when I worked as a birth assistant; seeing the beauty of a new beginning. In this context, there is absolutely nothing better.

In 2010, a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis almost sidelined me. Instead, I have found a deep, healing perspective that guides me. There are no excuses; there are variables and there are setbacks, but I, you, we, must always move forward. And that is my guiding principle in my life and how I train.

At 45 years of age (in 2018), I am authentic. Training is as much about the relationship as the expected results and I know that I am not the trainer for everyone, just as I won't get on with every client who contacts me. That is totally okay. 

I work with people who are finally tired: tired of being tired, tired of being out of shape, tired of feeling and being weak. I won't work harder than you, but if you show up and want change, I am your biggest advocate and cheerleader!

Aside from fitness, my background is varied, which has enabled me to work with people from varying backgrounds and a current clientele age range of 13 to 84. Originally from the Northeast, I've lived in a number of states, served seven years in the U.S. Navy and lived in Italy and traveled extensively throughout Europe for pleasure. Because of my beauty writing , I've been interviewed and featured on KUSI-TV, Good Housekeeping, Glamour, The New York Times and InStyle Magazine. After my beauty blog was closed and shuttered, I received the Holy Grail phone call from Oprah producers. (still brings a tear!!)

I have lived in Coronado since 2007 and my business has been here since 2008. 


It is extremely easy to get into bad habits and poor posture when you are in a group class.  Andrea's eyes, miss nothing, and I feel stronger and my posture improves each and every time that I leave the studio. (She) truly cares for each and every one of (her) students. (She is) truly an amazing person, and one of the finest instructors that I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.

/  Cheryl l.  /

 Cheryl working hard

Cheryl working hard