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With more than 5000 hours of training, 10 years of combined fitness, yoga and pilates teaching experience and 25 plus years of hands-on working with bodies, Coronado Pilates owner Andrea Kane has a unique ability to “see with her hands” and “teach to the weakness to strengthen the whole” concept that has transformed the lives and bodies of her clients as well as herself.

In 2010, Kane was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a painful systemic, degenerative and inflammatory condition. With the help of private trainers, numerous workshops and additional fitness specific classes in anatomy and physiology, as well as a fierce determination to not end up in a wheelchair or worse, Kane acutely understands how important independence and mobility are in ones body.

Her experiences seeking a trainer with her new “disabled” body and seeing the need to address issues specific to those living with chronic conditions and pain, enabled her to create a unique contemporary pilates-based functional fitness program that accommodates and challenges every type of body. One set series of movement and exercise is not effective for every body. You will never perform a set routine. Kane develops custom personailized sequences for every client she sees, every day, every time you visit. This detailed and highly individualized approach to pilates and fitness ensures every muscle group is activated, adjusts imbalances and retrains the neuromuscular system affecting body and mind changing results. Problem areas improve, pain decreases and you are able to become a more active participant in your life.

Kane stays abreast of current scientific and medical research and journals, as well as continuing education in fitness and massage. As her expertise and experience spans many fields, she works with a wide range of clients: professional athletes and sports specific conditioning, pre/post surgical, scoliosis, injury prevention, Parkinson’s, rehabilitation, back pain (healthy back and pain relief), autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.

Using a holistic (whole body, not one body part) approach, she includes varying modalities of bodywork, stretching, topical creams and oils, and massage into your overall fitness and wellness program to enhance the results and reduce the possibility of lengthy flares, or after-activity inflammation.

Currently, Andrea is an in-demand and busy practitioner with a focused interest in working with people who want to move and function better in their bodies, rather than those whose main desire is weight loss.


  • This is not the studio if you’re looking for group classes. One on one sessions only

  • You don’t need to be fit in order to get fit

  • You can be whatever size you are and become healthy

  • If you’re in pain, you already know how that feels. You’re spending money on prescriptions, topicals and accessories that don’t enhance your overall health. As humans, we are meant to move. There is no downside

  • You need accountability. How many times have you already told yourself that you would work out, take a walk, put your health first? And how many years have passed between the statement and the action? How many more years must pass before you make it a reality?