Andrea Kane is a STOTT trained Pilates instructor and certified yoga instructor.  Her in-depth knowledge of the body comes from more than 25 years as a bodyworker and student of the body, taking numerous classes, seminars and workshops in fitness, anatomy, physiology. kinesiology and massage. Many clients assume she is a physical therapist, but her realm is strictly hands-on, not medical, just the way she likes it.

Kane's teaching style is challenging yet fun and her thinking is out of the box. Her client focus and experience is: strength and conditioning, pre & post surgery rehabilitation and functional movement. Her current clientele age range is 13 to 72 and she doesn't work with clients whose main focus is weight loss. For some clients, she offers sessions with weights and functional movement, creating a dynamic fitness regimen that many of her clients rave about.

In 2010, Andrea was diagnosed with the degenerative, inflammatory condition rheumatoid arthritis and this sent her on a full mission to avoid surgery and maintain her mobility as long as possible. Learn more about her story here.

Originally from New Jersey, Andrea is a Navy veteran, traveled extensively through Europe and has lived in Coronado since 2006.