Coronado Pilates distinguishes itself with a contemporary pilates and functional fitness approach that will help strengthen your body, reduce and relieve some of your chronic pain and retrain, regain and retain your muscle tone and mass.

Coronado Pilates does not offer group classes, only 1:1 sessions. Sessions are $110 in-studio and currently Andrea has a full roster of clients. Check the online schedule for a cancellation or join the wait list by sending a note through the contact form below.

With a dedication to the individual experience, owner and trainer Andrea Kane goes above and beyond to custom tailor each session to achieve mind and body changing results.

Grounded in anatomy and kinesiology, your personalized and ever-changing program ensures you start to look and feel your best as your body grows stronger and feels less pain.

Most sessions are paired with bodywork, mobility, balance and stability exercises to further enhance the results and lessen the chances of flares or after-activity pains often intensely felt by people living with chronic pain or inflammatory conditions.

Owner and trainer Andrea Kane takes a holistic approach to training, focused on health, with a keen understanding of biomechanics and the affects age, pain and chronic conditions have on ones mind and body.

As an adaptive athlete, Kane understands the desire to stay active in a body that doesn’t always work or recover as well as it did 20 or 30 years ago. Her authentic style of training and teaching enhances overall sports conditioning and more specifically, is effective with rehabilitative pre/post knee and/or shoulder surgery, Parkinson’s, arthritis and other inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, low back pain and those living with chronic pain.